ATSWT – Chapter 8 – Sue Who?!

Grayson was relaxing downstairs when his phone buzzed. “Yes, Regina?”

“Mr. Latham, there’s a gentleman on the phone that would like to talk to you about suing someone.”

“Did he say who?”

“No, sir. He said he would only discuss it with you.”

“Go ahead and put him through.”

“Yes, sir.”

There was a clicking sound. “Mr. Latham?”

“Speaking. Who is this?”

“My name is Philip Powell.”

“My secretary says that you wish to sue someone.”

“Yes, sir. I’d like to sue the U.S. Army.”

Grayson chuckled. “That’s very funny. Who put you up to this?”

“I’m serious, sir. I want to sue the Army.”

Pulling a notepad closer to him, Grayson grabbed a pen. “Perhaps you should start at the beginning.”

For the next thirty minutes, he took notes while Philip told his story. When he was finished, Grayson sat back in his chair and whistled. “That is one hell of a story, Mr. Powell.”

“It’s the truth, sir.”

“Do you have any idea who rescued you from Strangerville?”

“No, sir. It was a tall, willowy woman with dark hair. I could tell that Antonio didn’t like her very much.”

“Who is Antonio?”

“My father-in-law’s right hand man.”

“And who is your father-in-law?”

“Andrew Maynard.”

“You’re joking.”

“No, sir. Why?”

“No reason. Is it possible that the woman that rescued you worked for your father-in-law as well?”

“I suppose it’s possible, but again, I have no idea.” There was a pause. “Sir, this has ruined my life. I’ve got a son who barely knows me. I was separated from my wife for four years. That’s four years with my family that I’ll never be able to get back. It wasn’t just me that suffered because of what the Army did; they did as well. I don’t want them to just throw some medals at me and say ‘Thank you for your service.’ What they did to me is not what I signed up for. Good men died by their hand. I want them to pay. Will you help me or not?”

Grayson didn’t hesitate. “Yes, son, I’ll help you.”

Published by Author Teresa Watson

I have always loved to read, and carry a book with me wherever I go. I’ve written for several online sites, doing book reviews and author interviews. After graduating in 2000 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s degree, I was a teacher for a while before deciding my destiny was to write, not to mold young minds. Writing for me is like taking an exciting journey, or going on a welty, as my parents say. I don’t know where my stories are going to take me. I just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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