Chapter 3 – Searching for a Mate

Caleb stood on the second floor, staring down at the people on the dance floor. They were an energetic group, especially when the music was blaring. Many of them weren’t good dancers, but that didn’t seem to bother them at all. What was the saying he had heard before? Oh yes, “dance like no one is watching.” Well, they were certainly doing that.

“See any prospects?” Lilith asked as she joined him at the rail.

He shrugged. “You?”

“Oh, I see one or two possibilities,” she smiled. 

“Good for you. Are you sure you’re ready to become a mother? You aren’t exactly the warm, fuzzy type.”

“How do you know? I happen to like kids.”

He laughed. “I’ve seen you go out of your way to scare the bejeezus out of kids, Lilith. Don’t feed me that ‘I love kids’ crap. You hate them as much as Vlad does.” He glanced at the dance floor again, and noticed Vlad was also on the dance floor. Caleb just shook his head. That man still couldn’t dance.

Lilith looked at the dancers on the floor again, one in particular catching her eye. “Well, maybe it’s time I learn, brother.” She winked at him before she walked down to the dance floor.

Caleb watched her begin to weave a spell over the poor unsuspecting sap and shook his head. The man had no idea what he was in for.

“Hi,” a soft voice said from behind him. He turned to see a blonde-headed woman standing there. “My friend and I were talking about you, and I was wondering if I could ask you a question.”

“Sure,” he replied.

“Are you a mermaid?” 

Caleb laughed. “No, I am not a mermaid.”

“I told you he wasn’t,” she yelled at her friend, who was sitting at the bar. She turned back to him. “Would you like a drink? This is my first time here, and I only know my friend over there.”

“Sure, why not?” he smiled. “Let’s sit at a table and get to know each other.” There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun before he settled down, right?

Published by Author Teresa Watson

I have always loved to read, and carry a book with me wherever I go. I’ve written for several online sites, doing book reviews and author interviews. After graduating in 2000 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s degree, I was a teacher for a while before deciding my destiny was to write, not to mold young minds. Writing for me is like taking an exciting journey, or going on a welty, as my parents say. I don’t know where my stories are going to take me. I just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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